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Versa Valve
Versa Valve

Versa Valve

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Trouble Free Series “V” Bottom Dump Control Valve
Part Number: 7-101-00087
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Versa Valve - 4 Way / 3 Position Air Valve:  Common on many belly dump trailers including the Brazos Pit Boss.  It has both manual and remote solenoid functions.  Extremely durable valve made in the USA.

• Standard “Bottom Dump” operation provides both 2 position solenoid control and 3 position manual control in one valve. 
• 1/2 inch NPT full flow construction. 
• Bubble-tight seals provide leak free service for “creep free” hopper control. 
• Withstands impact with thick walled forged brass construction. 
• Prevents contamination from dirt and sand with Versa proven dust proof option keeping solenoid and main valve free from clogging. 
• Solenoid actuators utilize ”solenoid-pilot” design, no coil burn-out due to valve hang up. 
• Main spring is “air spring,” no mechanical spring to break or fail. 
• Use of “solenoid-pilot” and “air spring” assure positive shift every time! 
• Quick removal of valve with plug-in solenoid option. 
• Standard ‘0’ ring seals make repair easy! 
• Economical space saving “in line” version available. 
• 100% factory tested at ISO 9001 certified facility. 
• Supported by established worldwide distributor network

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